"It's a great day to be a Chaparral."

Winning football games is hard. So many aspects of the game must fall into place for a team to be successful. Coaches call it the grind. The seemingly non-stop preparation, the weight training, the practice, and the hours spent studying video. The reward? Three hours on Friday nights in the fall. 

For 64 Westlake seniors, the road from their first fall as freshmen to senior night might be long in calendar days, but in an instant, boys become men. When they started their freshman season, there were 54 young men dreaming of the Friday night experience that many Chaps before them have known. They've watched Friday from the stands, the pit, and from the student section. These seniors have taken the yellow dog bus trips to play on Thursday nights to show their coaches and teammates that they deserve Friday nights.

"In 32 years of coaching, I've never had a class grow in size. Usually, it's the other way around. This simply does not happen. That's how special these seniors are." -Todd Dodge

Some became household names and lit up the stat pages with electric runs, mind-boggling receptions, quarterback sacks, and spiraling touchdown passes. Others learned how to play a different role on different days of the week.

"Everyone on our team plays football every day. Every player has a role and what most people don't understand is how important our Attack Team is and how that bunch is the backbone. They are the heart and soul of our team." -Todd Dodge

The Attack Team consists of varsity football players that may not see the field on Friday night, but play a unique role in the overall success the Chaparrals have enjoyed in 2017. Their goal is simple. Make everyone better. A lofty task, but then you meet with an Attack Team player and you know instantly what kind of man they will become. 


Wilson Ernst

Wilson Ernst

"We're there to make them better. We push them and when we make a play against a starter, they go harder the next play. That's respect." -Wilson Ernst

While it earns respect, this strategy is also productive. Ernst is one of the coaching staff's treasured seniors that enjoys the duality of training at his given position at wide receiver and then moving to safety to simulate the opponent's defense. An Attack Team member like Ernst has the mind of a Westlake wide receiver. So, what better way to train your starters than with defenders who know exactly what their teammates will do before the play begins. 

Mutual respect from teammate to teammate is visible when these Attack Team members get time on the field. In the 56-7 win over Lehman, those moments came in the second half. The starters had put the game out of reach, but they weren't sitting on the bench. They were on the edge of the sideline cheering their teammates on in a game that was decided by halftime.

Matthew Watanabe

Matthew Watanabe

"You may not read about them, but the players know who the real stars on our team are. They're selfless and they carry an attitude so positive, that it spreads to the rest of our team." -Todd Dodge  

For reference, I submit the stat of two catches for 12 yards. On most Westlake offensive drives, one player could amass that in one or two plays. For Matthew Watanabe and Ryan Talbert, those catches ignited a sideline. Watanabe finished the win over of Lehman with one catch for seven yards, while Talbert snagged his one reception for five yards. Those two catches were a first for both players. Those catches were met with genuine excitement and overall pride as their teammates erupted with vocal applause as if both had scored game winning touchdowns.

Ryan Talbert

Ryan Talbert

The balance of rigorous school responsibilities and the grind that is the football schedule accelerates the work life balance experience. Managing time is something that even the best of us struggle with. For these seniors, it's a way of life that will only benefit them in the future. This class has been present for some memorable moments in Westlake football history. Exciting playoff wins, devastating losses, and a win over Lake Travis are hallmark memories, but just ask one senior what they'll miss, and the answer is always unanimous. They'll miss each other.

Tonight, we honor 64 young men who made the commitment to complicate their formative years with the beautiful grind that is Westlake Football. They chose long hours, late nights, early mornings, victory, defeat, and Chap Maker. They chose the reward of Friday nights at Chaparral Stadium. This evening, we ask you to arrive at 7pm, get to your seats, and applaud these student-athletes and their families. To the 2017 Seniors of Westlake Football...


Seniors 2017

Seniors 2017



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